Grand Rounds Blog Carnival Vol. 6, No. 8

I'd like to thank Colorado Health Insurance Insider, the host of this week's edition of Grand Rounds, for including my post What Mental Health Parity Means for You. Of interest to readers of this blog is a post by Dr. Nancy Brown at Teen Health 411 - The Ideal Relationship With A Parent. In it a group of teens completed the following sentences. My favorite answer is listed after each.
  1. The perfect parent would ...
  2. Understand when I need someone to talk to who is more understanding than judgmental.
  3. The perfect parent would not ...
  4. Treat me like a friend, confidant, or source of support.
  5. In the perfect world my parent and I would ...
  6. Be able to enjoy each others company, but parent would know when to leave me alone.
Read the complete list and tell me which you aspire to as a parent. Better yet, ask your teenager for his or her answer and share it here.

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Mental Health Roundup: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Winter Sunset

In the first of an occasional series, I'm providing a roundup of blog posts on a specific mental health topic. I'm starting off with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) since this is the time of year that most people who suffer from SAD start to experience symptoms. As you'll read below, some people experience reverse SAD in the spring and summer.

Dr. Deb covers the basics in her post Seasonal Affective Disorder including symptoms and treatments.
The psychiatrist and researcher who first described SAD, Norman Rosenthal, includes a self-assessment checklist in How Seasonal Are You? | Psychology Today.

Phillip Dawdy at Furious Seasons discusses whether SAD is a separate disorder rather than a variant of Major Depressive Disorder in Should Seasonal Affective Disorder Be A Separate Disorder?. He quotes an editorial by Norman Rosenthal in the American Journal of Psychiatry from which the following table is taken.

img_3376Douglas Cootey at A Splintered Mind: Overcoming AD/HD & Depression With Lots Of Humor And Attitude writes about his inexpensive solution to SAD--full-spectrum CFL's in Putting a Spotlight on Seasonal Affective Disorder - Haunting My Family With My Spectral Personality.

John Briffa reviews two research studies in ‘Blue’ light found to be most effective in combating seasonal affective disorder | Dr Briffa's Blog and mentions his own experience using a blue-light box.

For those of you interested in neuroscience, read Seasonal Affective Disorder - The Basics | A Blog Around The Clock written by chronobiologist Bora Zivkovic at Science Blogs. He discusses the relationship between circadian rhythms, melatonin, and SAD.

That's it for this Mental Health Roundup. Tell me what you think. Do you have other resources or experiences to share, especially, on SAD in children or adolescents? If not, what about your own success in coping with SAD?

Please note that I allow anonymous comments. I also moderate comments to exclude commercial or otherwise inappropriate comments.

E-mail me with your suggestions for future roundups with links to your own or other people's non-commercial posts for consideration.