Why a Blog?

So, here I am, after months of encouragement from blogging friends, venturing out into the brave new world (to me anyway) of blogging. Much of my delay was due to subject matter, what do I have to offer, etc. It finally dawned on me that my professional knowledge, expertise, what-have-you might be of use to someone. I've also been inspired by posts such as Being a Blogger at Dr. Rob's Musings of a Distractible Mind.

After a somewhat extensive search (an oxymoron of sorts), I found many medical blogs, a handful of mental health blogs (by professionals, patients, and others) but little available on child psychology. Of course, given my limited knowledge of how to find all the relevant blogs, there could be quite a few I've overlooked. Please let me know if you are out there or know of any.

I hope to use this blog to provide practical information based on scientific and clinical evidence on child psychology, mental health, and related issues that will be useful to the 80% of computer users who search for health information on the web. Many parents who consult me can't find enough information about their children's problems, or they find conflicting and often suspect information about the latest wonder drug/new age technique/diet supplement solution which even they don't believe. Though I guess those who believe it wouldn't call me anyway.

You've probably noticed my tendency to qualify statements. You should know that this is an occupational hazard for psychologists as we were well trained in never making a definite statement about anything (as evidenced by reading any article in any psychology journal). All the more reason I am skeptical about those who market this year's therapy fad as a miracle cure for any and everything.

Among other topics, I will be writing about child abuse and other trauma. I spent 16 years working in a small non-profit agency that treats victims of child abuse and sexual assault where I learned more than most anyone would want to know. But I also learned how effective treatment for trauma makes a huge difference, and I had the privilege of assisting many child and adolescent victims achieve recovery from their experiences. I hope to pass on some of the knowledge I gained as well as raise awareness about the prevalence and effects of childhood trauma.

I'd love to hear from readers about what they found helpful here and any other resources I should look into to. You can also ask a general question using the sidebar contact me link (but please, no specific personal questions--I can't give individual advice).

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