I'm a Child Clinical Psychologist specializing in psychological trauma, attention deficit disorders, depression, and parenting issues. I have a private practice in Columbia, Maryland - see my website for more information.

I blog to provide practical information based on scientific and clinical evidence on child psychology, mental health, and related issues that will be useful to the 80% of computer users who search for health information on the web.

Among other topics, I write about child abuse and sexual assault. I spent 17 years working in a non-profit agency that treats victims of child abuse and sexual assault where I learned more than most anyone would want to know. But I also learned how effective treatment for trauma makes a huge difference, and I had the privilege of assisting many child and adolescent victims achieve recovery from their experiences. I hope to pass on some of the knowledge I gained as well as raise awareness about the prevalence and effects of childhood trauma.

Information and opinions found here are not substitutes for medical or psychological advice. I can't answer questions about someone's specific situation or give personal advice.

I post one or two articles a month. If you would like to be notified about new articles, you can subscribe by e-mail or through a RSS Reader (if you don't know what that means, watch YouTube - Video: RSS in Plain English. Click on Reader or E-mail on the right near the top of the page to subscribe.

Thanks for reading,

Catherine Busch, Ph.D.