Grand Rounds Blog Carnival Vol. 6, No. 8

I'd like to thank Colorado Health Insurance Insider, the host of this week's edition of Grand Rounds, for including my post What Mental Health Parity Means for You. Of interest to readers of this blog is a post by Dr. Nancy Brown at Teen Health 411 - The Ideal Relationship With A Parent. In it a group of teens completed the following sentences. My favorite answer is listed after each.
  1. The perfect parent would ...
  2. Understand when I need someone to talk to who is more understanding than judgmental.
  3. The perfect parent would not ...
  4. Treat me like a friend, confidant, or source of support.
  5. In the perfect world my parent and I would ...
  6. Be able to enjoy each others company, but parent would know when to leave me alone.
Read the complete list and tell me which you aspire to as a parent. Better yet, ask your teenager for his or her answer and share it here.

Grand Rounds is "a weekly summary of the best health blog posts on the internet. Each week a different blogger takes turns hosting Grand Rounds, and summarizing the best submissions for the week...It's the oldest and most popular medical blog carnival on the internet."

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